list of illustrations
17 Still from Road to Morocco (1942)
27 Gen. George S. Patton near Maknassy, Tunisia, March 1943
31 Gen. Patton with Moroccan sultan Mohammed V and young Moulay
Hassan, 1942
38 Editorial cartoon from Chicago Defender (1942): ‘‘Man Who Came
38 Editorial cartoon from Chicago Defender (1942): ‘‘White Christmas’’
49 Ernie Pyle in North Africa, 1943
52 Ernie Pyle talking to gis in the field, Anzio, 1944
68 Still from Casablanca (1942)
83 Paul Bowles with Moroccan musicians, Tangier, 1996
89 Paul Bowles at work, early 1950s
103 Paul Bowles with Mohammed Ouild Oajdi in Morocco, 1951
119 Tangier, Petit Socco in 1957
128 Members of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Tangier restaurant, 1950s
132 American School of Tangier, 1950
139 Moroccans and Americans socializing in Asilah, Morocco, mid-1950s
153 Money changer on the Rue es Siaghine, Tangier, about 1950
163 William Burroughs with Peter Orlovsky and Paul Lund at ‘‘Dutch
Tony’s,’’ Tangier, 1957
167 William Burroughs in the Grand Socco, Tangier, 1957
194 Still from The Man Who Knew Too Much (1955)
206 Jane Bowles at the Café de Paris, Tangier, 1963
218 Jane Bowles in Tangier market, 1954
234 Mohammed Mrabet with Paul Bowles, 1960s
243 Mohammed Mrabet, Fez, 2004, surrounded by Moroccan students
245 Hippies outside walls of Fez medina, 1970
251 Vagabonds in Marrakech near the Koutoubia mosque, 1970
253 Haircut in preparation for entering Morocco, Algeciras, 1973
277 A young vagabond walks through the Tetouan medina, 1973
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