For me perhaps the greatest joy of academic work is the collaborative
aspect of it. In a project that has been in the works for this long, debts
accrue quickly. The friendships, collegiality, and conversations that ac-
companied the assistance and comments on drafts and presentations of
portions of what is included here have been happy by-products. It is with
nearly tactile pleasure that I acknowledge some of the many people who
helped me as I made this book.
This project had its origins in the American Studies Program at Yale,
where in an early and quite di√erent incarnation it benefited from the
direction of Alan Trachtenberg, and the expert advice of Jean-Christophe
Agnew and Christopher L. Miller. All three mentors have been excep-
tionally generous. In New Haven, I also learned valuable lessons about
culture and history from Bryan J. Wolf, Michael Denning, Richard
Brodhead, Ann Fabian, David Marshall, and Candace Waid in the semi-
nar room, and colleagues and friends David Waldstreicher, Matt Jacob-
son, Charles Musser, Tim Marr, Cathy Gudis, Emily Bernard, Mitch
Lasser, Je√ Harwick, and Richard Selzer outside of it.
Since 1993, I have spent extensive time in Morocco, in stretches from a
week to a year at a time, doing research, studying Arabic, giving lectures,
talks, and hanging out with friends and colleagues in Fez, Tangier, and
Rabat. Those conversations have been an important part of my education
and have influenced this book. Sadik Rddad, Khalid Bekkaoui, Abdellatif
Khayati, Bahanou Akabouch, Moustafa Ouajjani, Driss Mansouri, and
Taieb Belghazi are dear friends and valued interlocutors. I have enjoyed
intellectual exchanges with Hasna Lebaddy, the chair of the English de-
partment at Mohammed V University in Rabat, and her colleagues, in-
cluding Said Graouid. I thank Lahcen Haddad and Mohamed Dahbi for
their critical engagements at various moments. Audiences at Mohammed
V (Rabat), Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah (Fez), Abdelmalek Essaadi
(Tetouan), and Ibn Tofail (Kenitra) Universities, and in Tangier and in
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