This book was made possible by the generosity of more people than I can
recall, much less repay. Their names appear in the earlier versions of the
chapters that follow. Still, I would like to thank those friends spread around
the world whose help has been crucial in assembling the final form of this
My colleagues at the University of Washington have always been sup-
portive, in particular Andrea Arai, Jordanna Bailkin, the late Stephanie
Camp, Susan Jeffords, Sandra Joshel, Moon-Ho Jung, Linda Nash, Chan-
dan Reddy, Laurie Sears, Cynthia Steele, Lynn Thomas, Adam Warren, and
Kathleen Woodward. I am also grateful to colleagues in various parts of the
world. In and beyond Manila these include Filomeno Aguilar Jr., Remmon
Barbaza, Joi Barrios, Julius Bautista, Jonathan David Bayot, Walden Bello,
Kiko Benitez, Karina Bolasco, Rica Bolipata-Santos, Jose Buenconsejo, Jose
Wendell Capili, Jeremy DeChavez, J. Neil Garcia, Francis Gealogo, the late
Francisco Guevara, Ramon Guillermo, Caroline Hau, Judy Ick, Reynaldo
Ileto, Jazmin Llana, Resil Mojares, Ambeth Ocampo, Susan Quimpo, Lulu
Reyes, Dinah Romah, the late Fr. John Schumacher, Vincent Serrano, Ed
Tadem, Julio Teehankee, Lily Rose Tope, Von Totanes, and Cora Villareal.
I am also grateful to the students from whom I learned a great deal when
I served as a visiting professor in Manila during the summers of 2013 and
2014 at the University of the Philippines, the Ateneo de Manila University,
and at De La Salle University.
Throughout the years the following colleagues and friends gave me the
chance to present various parts of this book: Paul Bandia, Joshua Barker,
Tani Barlow, Jonathan Beller, Simona Bertacco, Michael Cullinane, Lola
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