1. Cover of the cd A Morning in Paris. xii
2. Sathima in her apartment at the Hotel Chelsea, 1991. 4
3. Sathima and Carol at Penn Station, July 2010. 4
4. Sathima Bea Benjamin as a baby. 16
5. Sathima, her sister Joan, and a cousin. 16
6. Benjamin family, Sathima as a baby held by Ma Benjamin. 18
7. Two couples in ballroom attire. 57
8. Cape Town Jive Band. 59
9. Jimmy Adams’s Swing Band. 63
10. Sathima’s mother at the piano. 68
11. Golden City Dixies deplaning in South Africa. 75
12. Jimmy Adams with American School of Music jacket and Sathima’s sister
Edith Green, 1996. 79
13. Harold Jephthah, December 1999. 79
14. Sathima singing at a nightclub, late 1950s. 81
15. New lineages in Paris with Duke Ellington, Dollar Brand Trio, and
Billy Strayhorn, from the cd A Morning in Paris. 97
16. Sathima singing at the Antibes Jazz Festival with the Dollar Brand Trio. 111
17. Sathima singing, with Abdullah Ibrahim on piano. 150
18. Sathima’s and Abdullah’s son, Tsakwe. 157
19. Abdullah and Sathima meet President Samora Machel of Mozambique
and his then- wife, Graça. 161
20. Sathima and Abdullah Ibrahim on their wedding day in London,
26 February 1965. 171
21. School picture of Sathima’s daughter, Tsidi. 192
22. Sathima’s son, Tsakwe, in the early 1990s. 194
23. Sathima singing at Sweet Rhythm. 211
24. Sathima’s favorite bass player, Buster Williams. 211
25. The bass player Buster Williams and the drummer George Grey
play at Sathima’s seventieth birthday at Sweet Rhythm. 212
26. Sathima singing at Sweet Rhythm, with Stephen Scott on piano. 212
27. Sathima with her daughter, the hip- hop artist Tsidi Ibrahim, aka Jean Grae,
at Sweet Rhythm. 213
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