My liFE’S journEy aS a jaZZ SinGEr
This book/life and music is all very overwhelming for me, for it has been
in some way (for me anyway) a trip about my own take on what it is to
live intuitively, and one thing leading to another. All the time it works like
that. In my life and this story, I have not been afraid of being honest and
so totally dedicated to this music. The music has stood by me, and kept
me strong and inspired—most of all—liberated me from all that is mun-
dane and ordinary in this life.
The music within, our expression as song, my own compositions or so-
called jazz standards have given me my own understanding of Freedom.
It presents endless ways to improve your imagination and talent. I have
been blessed with a big dollop of courage to take risks, and because it
comes from my heart, so deep within, I trust my instincts without ques-
tion and live intuitively. I make sure that if the compositions are not mine
and I’m singing someone else’s song that if the composer heard it, he or
she would not mind the little changes I make and would be pleased.
The musicians I choose to record or perform with are those I’m sure
will let me into their hearts and minds and let the music touch and affect
them. That way they go with me into their musical echoes—my home
within—and the call and response, which is the basis of this music,
comes into play. That, I believe, is how the quartet I put together—the
trio and me—becomes one beautiful voice.
—Sathima Bea Benjamin to Dr. Carol Muller, 20 November 2005
“For book to be written sometime- soon”
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