Veils and Sales
saturday, august 6, 2005.
ne month after the bombs in London on July 7, and Oxford Street
is buzzing with shoppers. Retail figures are down, and travel on the
tube has diminished by a third, but the sales are in full swing, and
bargain hunters are not to be deterred. Walking from Oxford Circus to Marble
Arch reveals a significant number of visibly “Muslim” women: girls in tight
jeans with patterned scarves over their hair cluster around the makeup counter
in Top Shop; older women in embroidered salwar kameez with filmy dupatta
thrown loosely over their heads mooch around Debenhams; hip twentysome-
things in black boot- cut trousers and skimpy T- shirts wear their black head
wraps tight with a fashionable ghetto- fabulous tail cascading down their backs
from their high topknots as they check out bargains in Mango; clusters of young
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