1 . i n t r o d u c t i o n
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4. One sign of my continuing ambivalence about my PhD in anthropology is that
I dream at least three times a week that I have not finished my degree: I need to write
one more paper, get a new id card, take another class. As much as I love the writing
tradition in anthropology that has opened windows onto a world of worlds, I also still
chafe against the unwritten rules that privilege some voices more than others, some
scholars more than others, some projects more than others. As much as I yearned to
find myself someday a denizen of the ivory tower (growing up in the shadow of Yale
University, how could it be otherwise?), now that I am lodged there, I admit I often
feel imprisoned.
5. Elizabeth Chin, Purchasing Power.
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9. Benjamin, Illuminations.
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