The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso
My Tibetan Childhood is the autobiography of a young Tibetan that vividly
describes the brutal repression of Tibet by Chinese forces in the 1950s. The au-
thor personally witnessed the events he describes in this book, and he records
them convincingly and straightforwardly. Today, only a few elderly people
remain who can recount these sad events from personal experience. Candid
recollections such as these are of great value not only to new generations of
Tibetans who want to understand the recent history of their own people but
also to readers abroad who are interested in what actually happened in Tibet.
This book, originally written in Tibetan, was earlier translated into Chi-
nese. Now, it has been translated into English. Readers of both Chinese and
English who are already familiar with what took place in Tibet after 1950 will
recognize what is described here; for others it may be a revelation. Either way,
I am sure the candor of these recollections will convince readers of the justice
of the cause of Tibet and lead them to lend us their support.
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