adelanto cash advance on wages, usually repaid with labor
agricultor rich peasant orownerof medium property
aguardiente liquor, fermented sugarcane
alcade municipal, alcalde constitucional municipal mayor
alcalde indígena, alcalde natural, alcalde de vara leaderof Indian community
alcaldía municipal municipal council
alguacil official of the Indian community
ayuda generic term forassistance planters gave peons
caballería the measure of large land areas; in original usage, the amount of land a
horseman (a caballero) could traverse in one day; in Nicaragua, 105 acres
cabildo governing council, used for both municipal and Indian council
caja de comunidad funds belonging to Indian community
campesino peasant
caña de construcción type of bamboo used for buildings
canon de ley the fee the comunidad indígena, and later the municipality, charged
use of the community’s corporate landholding
carbuya sisal
caserío rural hamlet
casta term applied in colonial-era and nineteenth-century Latin America to conn
mixed-race peoples
casta indígena social strata of Indians
chaguite hay, animal fodder
choza rustic cottage
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