the highest goal,
and aloha is the greatest truth of all.
Nation Within
is a truth telling embedded within a Hawaiian cultural
context, yet relevant t'o the world. History told from a different
interpretation changes
Author Tom Coffman speaks of
Hawaiian people as a "separate society that calls out across time to
be understood in its own terms." (page 10) What a relief to read such
ideas! As if the drought ended and water returned to fields, crops and
our own disposition. Finally, there is a reckoning in our collective
consciousness that
an independent country illegally occupied
by the United States of America.
I remember receiving a phone call from my sister Maile in 1996,
while I was studying abroad, about Noenoe Silva finding the 1898
Anti-Annexation Petition in the National Archives in Washington,
D.C. It was a document signed by 38,000+ Hawaiians and other
loyalists declaring their unwavering
for their Hawaiian Nation
and beloved Queen Lili'uokalani. They were asking for the return
of their Hawaiian government, illegally overthrown by missionary-
descended, business elite five years earlier. My grandfather, Noa
Webster Aluli, was seventeen years old when he signed this piece of
living history. The petition holds the names of all my aunties, uncles,
cousins, grandparents, and great-grandparents. I recall sobbing when
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