thank my Mom—Sally Mae Anslyn—for her
loving support in a process that I know she finds
confusing for its endless supplies of acronyms and
mysterious demands on my time and attentions. I
simply could not have made it through the labored
process of writing a book without her.
I also had the bearings of friendship along the
way. Dont Rhine has loved me always and gener-
ously. Dianne Cantor listened to near daily rants
on my ever- shifting levels of motivation in work-
ing on a manuscript for what seemed like a decade.
J. Kēhaulani Kauanui took invaluable time at cru-
cial moments to encourage and support me and my
work. Clay Dumont offered many hours of critical
insight on difficult issues. Alice Sunshine is the best
roommate and kitty co- staffer ever. Melissa Nelson
has been a good friend over many necessary hours
of excursion from work.
I am deeply grateful to colleagues and friends
who provided me with comradeship and many nec-
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