Without the continual support and patience from my husband, Gil, and my
three wonderful children, Mirasol, Lucio, and Gilbert, this book would
never have been written. Their great words of encouragement as I struggled
through all of the various stages from conducting research, to writing initial
drafts, to completing this final version, will never be forgotten. My husband
and intellectual companion, Gil, was with me at the start of the ethnographic
research, and his excellent insight has been greatly appreciated at each stage
of the project. My daughter, Mirasol, conducted interviews in Spanish of
Mixtec women, translated them, and provided me with excellent feedback
on various chapter drafts. My son Lucio was always available to discuss
issues that arose from my ethnographic research-we have similar interests
in Native American studies. My son Gilbert provided me with technical and
computer support, helping me back up the various drafts, and keeping my
laptop in good working order. My daughter-in-law Esmirna was incredibly
encouraging, motivating me when I got tired with her kind words. My
granddaughter, Raquel, gave me energy with her gigantic hugs.
I want to express my gratitude to everyone who kindly gave me their time
or offered me their important words, which are so central to this book.
Many were great supporters, such as Orvie Longhorn, Bob Miegs, Narlan
Bluearm, Rosemary Cambra, Ross Gritts, Sherry and Hank LaBeau, Cata-
lina Fortuna, Leonor Morales-Barroso, Rufino Dominguez Santos, Ron and
Rita Alec, Louise Appodaca, Claude Gonzales, Charles and Elaine Ettner,
and Ricardo Duran. I especially want to thank Laverne Roberts and Al
Cross, who supported me while I was a graduate student, conducting re-
search, and writing the dissertation. I also wish to thank Marta Frausto,
who encouraged me strongly during my years as a graduate student, and as
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