Lele i Ka P¯o
O ke au i ka huli wela ka honua At the time when the earth became hot
O ke au i kahuli lole ka lani At the time when the heavens turned
O ke au i kukaiaka ka la At the time when the sun was darkened
E hoomalamalama i ka malama To cause the moon to shine
O ke au o Makalii ka po The time of the rise of the Pleiades
O ka walewale hookumu honua ia The slime, this was the source of the earth
O ke kumu o ka lipo, i lipo ai The source of the darkness that made
O ke kumu o ka Po, i po ai The source of the night that made night
O ka lipolipo, o ka lipolipo The intense darkness, the deep darkness
O ka lipo o ka la, o ka lipo o ka po Darkness of the sun, darkness of the night
Po wale hoi Nothing but night
Hanau ka po The night gave birth
Hanau Kumulipo i ka po, he kane Born was Kumulipo in the night, a male
Hanau Poele i ka po, he wahine Born was Poele in the night, a female∞
I stand on the precipice, and my world spins as the ocean crashes into the
jagged rocks sixty feet below me. I am surrounded by people both living and
not, and the pillars holding up the heavens call to us. I hear the voices of
women behind me chanting and the explosions of men landing in the water
below me. I call out to my ancestors to give me the strength, the courage,
and the mana to jump into the P¯o to be with them again, even though I am
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