Abieto, Pablo, 52–53
Abstract art: anonymity of, 145–146; as ‘‘not
Indian,’’ xxvi–xxviii (see also Howe, Oscar);
and Sioux visual traditions, 162
Abstract Expressionism, 120, 144, and action
painting, 173; anonymity of, 145–146; taking
place of Primitivism, 84–88. See also names of
specific artists
Abstract Expressionism: Other Politics (Gibson), 144
Acee Blue Eagle, xxiii, 149
Acoma ceremonial life, depictions of, 48–49, 51.
See also Ceremonial life
Acoma Fire God (Byrnes), 49
Action painting, 85–86, 172–173
Adair, John, 174
African American artists, 146–147
African diaspora, culture of, xxii
aim. See American Indian Movement
Allotment, 3, 12–13, 25–26
All That Is Solid Melts into Air: The Experience of
Modernity (Berman), xx–xxi
‘‘American Action Painters, The’’ (Rosenberg),
American Historical Epic, The (Benton), 115
American Indian Movement (aim), xxiv; and
DesJarlait, 99; and Morrison, 111; origins of,
xxiv, 28
American modernism: alternative narrative to,
xix–xx; Native American modernists in con-
text of, xii–xiii; and Primitivism, xxi–xxii. See
also Modernism
American Museum of Natural History (amnh),
artifacts from, as art, 63–64, 74–75, 79
American Scene painters, 68–69
Andersen, Andreas, 174–175
Anderson, Benedict, 205 n.65
Angry Young Man (Kimball), 133
Api-Begay (Navajo artist), 2
Appadurai, Arjun, 36, 191 n.20
Art: as carrier of culture, xix; displaying artifacts
as, 63–64, 74–79; impact of Nazi Germany on,
Artifacts, displaying as art, 63–64, 74–79
Artists: ‘‘Indian,’’ 174–175; influenced by Native
American art, 61–62; and the Primitive, 81–84;
Western notions of, xviii–xix. See also names
of specific artists; Native American artists;
Native American modernists
Art of American Indian Cooking, The (Kimball),
Art Students League: Kimball at, 124; Morrison at,
106, 109; Newman at, 64–65
Atwood, Stella, 11
Authenticity: definition of, xxvii; and innovation,
xxvi–xxviii; and modernism, 173–174; Native
Modernists as not having, xi–xii; patrons
on, 2; preservation of, 9–13, 143–144 (see also
Pueblo secrecy). See also ‘‘Traditional style’’
Avant-garde artists, 107. See also Artists; Native
American artists
Awa Tsireh (Alfonso Roybal), 2
Ayumee-aawach Oomama-mowan: Speaking to
Their Mother (Belmore), 115–116
bae (Bureau of American Ethnology), 32
‘‘Bambi school,’’ xv, 144
Barnett, Will, 62, 107
Barrell, Robert, 62, 107
Barrer, Gertrude, 62, 107
Basket Maker (DesJarlait), 101
Beam, Carl, xxiii
Begay, Harrison, 19
Bellows, George, 6
Belmore, Rebecca, xxiii, 115–116
Benton, Thomas Hart, 62, 68, 115
Berlo, Janet, xviii–xix, 160
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