this project has benefited from the community of faculty, col-
leagues, and other friends that I have enjoyed over the last several years. The initial
ideas were developed as a dissertation in the Department of American Studies at the
Universityof Minnesota, where I benefited from the generous criticisms, encourage-
ment, and support of faculty including Elaine Tyler May, Lary May, Carol Miller,
David Noble, Riv-Ellen Prell, and Erika Doss (University of Colorado), as well as a
network of my fellow graduate students, including Matt Basso, Steve Garabedian,
Deirdre Murphy, and Thea Petchler. In the American Civilization Department at
Brown University, Robert Lee and Susan Smulyan granted me status as a visiting
scholar and much-needed library privileges for my early research on this project.
I have also benefited from the generous assistance of individuals in dozens of far-
flung locations who provided important materials and insights: Harvey and Ann
Slatin, Stamford, New York; MaryWatson, Ada, Oklahoma; Dean Alvin Turner, East
Central State University, Ada, Oklahoma; Charlie at the Osage Certificate Degree of
Indian Blood office in Pawhuska, Oklahoma (who searched in vain on more than
one occasion for evidence of Yeffe Kimball’s Osage ancestry, and explained the re-
quirements of Osage citizenship); Richard Nelson, Duluth, Minnesota; Brandy and
Jeremy Young, Glenhead, New York; Hazel Belvo, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Briand
Mesaba Morrison, Bemidji, Minnesota; Lloyd Kiva New, Santa Fe, New Mexico;
Ronald Kuchta, New York; Byron Harvey, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Joy Harvey,
Mario Klimiades and Jim Reynolds, Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona; Steve Eich-
ner, Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, Virginia; Judy Throm and Liza Kirwin, Archives of
ern Plains Indian Museum, Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Anadarko, Oklahoma;
Walter Big Bee, Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe; John Day and Margaret
Quintal, Institute of American Indian Studies, University of South Dakota, Vermil-
lion; Shannon Parker, collections manager, Indian Arts Research Center, School of
American Research, Santa Fe; and Valerie Verzuh, collections manager, Museum of
Indian Arts and Culture, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe.
Valuable commentary and criticism were offered by copresenters, readers, re-
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