This book has been a long-awaited endeavor, as many can attest. All said,
there are numerous individuals who have lent collaborative time, intellect,
guidance, and political investment to bringing this book to fruition, and I
am deeply grateful and indebted to them for this. First and foremost are my
friends, colleagues, and others in Cuba whose lives, work, and art inspired
this project and for whom this book is ultimately dedicated. In Havana these
include artists Magia López (and her family, especially her mother, Cari-
dad), Alexey Rodríguez (and his parents, Celso and Maria), Sekou Yosmel
Sarrias and Kokino Entenza, Soandres del Río and Alexis Cantero, Randy
Acosta and Jessel Saladriga, Odaymara Cuesta, Odalys Cuesta, and Olivia
Prendes, Yrak Saenz and Edgar González, Magyori Martínez, Yanelis Valdéz,
and Yaribey Collia, Julio Cardenas, Michael Oramas and the epg&b crew,
the Diez y Diecinueve posse, Edrey Riveri and 100% Original, Reyas de la
Calle, Roger Martínez, Papo Record, and Telmary Díaz. Other instrumen-
tal individuals within this broader community include Pablo Herrera, Ariel
Fernández Díaz, Alexis “D’Boys” Rodríguez, Rodolfo Rensoli, Balesy Riv-
ero, Yelandy Blaya, Javier Esteban, and Mateus Da Silva. In Santiago de Cuba
I would like to thank Luis Gonzales, Rubén Cuesta Palomo, Omar Planos
Cordoví, Aristey Guibert, Café Mezclado, Chucho shs, Antonio, and Eu-
genio for their involvements.
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