this book’s creation has involved a long and complicated journey,
one full of people to whom I am indebted as well as with whom I have had
wonderful fun, intellectual companionship, and humbling experiences. All
the networks involved matter to me, and if I have left some out mis-
takenly, I offer my heartfelt apologies for an aging memory. From the
beginning Chrys Sparks was my companion through Trek, Highlander, and
media fandoms, while Kit Mason, highla-l, the pwfc, and a great many
Highlander and Xena folk, fans, and production people widened this par-
ticular thread through reenactments. As projects morphed and intercon-
nected, Debby Rosenfelt, Donna Landry, Gerald MacLean, Jonathan Lamb,
Bill Sherman, Helen Weinstein, Judy Hallett, Chris Kelly, Nancy Linde,
Arthur Molella, and Jim Bono each stepped in at some extraordinary
moment to open a new door into reenactments and their knowledge
worlds or to supply help, information, or resources.
Mark Engel, Nora Bateson, Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson, Lois Bateson, and
the Bateson Archives Board have been sustaining points for transdisci-
plinary connection as well as beloved anchors in my universe. The Trans
Knowledges that have taught me so much about what a feminist transdis-
ciplinary posthumanities might become are now crossing together from
many angles: with special thanks to Bailey Kier, Eva Hayward, Lindsay
Kelley, Wendy Pearson, Laura Mamo, JV Sapinoso, Christina Hanhardt,
Helen Merrick, and a range of feminist folks queering transnational ecolo-
gies among science fictions, animal studies, technicity, embodiments, ra-
cializations, infrastructures, and genomics.
I am continually inspired by networks circulating around, through, and
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