First and foremost, our thanks are due to the Arts and Humanities Re-
search Council of the United Kingdom for funding the interdisciplinary re-
search project on which this book is based. We are also grateful to Dr. Jocé-
lio Teles dos Santos, director of the Center of Afro- Oriental Studies
of the Federal University of Bahia, for allowing us to hold the public ses-
sions of our seminars in the
to Dr. Federico Besserer for doing the
same on the first day of our work in Mexico City, at the Anthropology De-
partment of the Metropolitan Autonomous University, Iztapalapa, and to
Dr. Jean Meyer for making the facilities of his own institution, the Cen-
ter for Economic Research and Teaching, available to us during the rest
of our stay. In Manchester, we were fortunate to be able to count on the
efficient administrative support of Claudia Natteri and Charlotte Jackson
in the School of Social Sciences for handling the complex travel, accom-
modation, and subsistence arrangements necessary to bring an interna-
tional group of scholars together in the same place at the same time. Char-
lotte Liddell provided us with valuable editorial support in preparing the
manuscript for initial submission to the press, funding for which was pro-
vided by Manchester’s School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures. We
are also grateful to Parvathi Kumaraswami for helping us arrange trans-
lation from Spanish or Portuguese, and we are grateful to our translators:
Lucy Lawton, Sarah Magee, Sarah Maitland, Monica Morales Moreno, Tara
Plunkett, and Richard Reed. Finally, thanks are due to Valerie Millholland
and Miriam Angress at Duke University Press for their support in bringing
our thoughts on resistance to publication.
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