Tani E. Barlow is the founder and senior editor of the journal positions: east asia
cultures critique and teaches Chinese women’s history at the University of Wash-
ington. She is the editor of Formations of Colonial Modernity in East Asia (1997)
and Gender Politics in Modern China: Writing and Feminism (1993), both pub-
lished by Duke University Press, and author of The Question of Women in Chinese
Feminism, also forthcoming from Duke University Press.
Dai Jinhua is Professor at the Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture
of Peking University.
Michael Dutton is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of
Melbourne, Australia.
D. R. Howland is Associate Professor of History at DePaul University.
Marshall Johnson is Associate Professor of History, Politics, and Sociology at the
University of Wisconsin-Superior.
Liu Kang is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Chinese at Penn-
sylvania State University.
You-me Park is Assistant Professorial Lecturer in English at George Washington
William Pietz is a political activist in Los Angeles. He also writes essays on the
history of law, religion, and social theory.
Claudia Pozzana is a researcher of Chinese Language and Literature in the De-
partment of Linguistic and Oriental Studies at Bologna University.
Alessandro Russo is Professor in the Department of Linguistic and Oriental
Studies at Bologna University.
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