For their enthusiasm and suggestions in early stages of the
project, many thanks to Wendy Brown, Bonnie Honig,
and Linda Zerilli.
At Duke University Press, we would like to thank
Courtney Berger for her confidence in the project as well as
her persistence and insight in making suggestions about
the shape of the volume and the arguments in the introduc-
tion. This book is all the better for her timely interventions
and enduring patience. Thanks to Cynthia Landeen for her
indexing prowess and also to Timothy Elfenbein, John
Ostrowski, and Michael Wako√ for shepherding the man-
uscript through the production process.
We are grateful to the outside reviewers whose percep-
tive questions and suggestions helped bring shape to the
project at crucial stages.
In a project like this, the position of editor is especially
privileged for the perspective it gives on the whole. We
appreciate the willingness of contributors to work with
us and to participate singly in the ongoing conversation
we two have had over the past few years as we pulled the
volume together. We are also grateful for their patience as
we honed the volume into its current form. We hope that
they appreciate the significance of each and every conver-
sation and essay in the quality and import of the volume
as a whole.
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