This book has been in process for so many years that the many friends, col-
leagues, and editors who have supported, assisted, cheered, and resurrected
this manuscript are too numerous to name here. I’m very lucky to be the
recipient of their generosity. One thing is certain: this volume would not
have materialized in your hands without them. And without the film makers,
of course, none of this writing would exist; thanks to them, mine and so
many other lives have been transformed. Their imagination and bravery have
helped to transform the world in my lifetime.
There are so many people whose impact on my ideas, my life, and my ac-
cess to and knowledge of films have shaped this volume. I’ve been lucky to
have old friends and comrades- in- arms stick around, to have new voices join
in, and to be the beneficiary of so much inspiration and good energy for so
long a time. My deepest thanks, then, to Sheila McLaughlin, Kate Horsfield,
Faye Ginsburg, Carrie Rickey, Carol Becker, Isaac Julien, Mark Nash, Tony
Safford, Marti Wilson- Taylor, Richard Dyer, Catherine Zimmer, Claire Aguilar,
Sharon Thompson, Fred Myers, Christine Vachon, Joan Braderman, Michelle
Erai, Bill Horrigan, Judith Mayne, and Jeremy Podeswa.
No writing transpires in a vacuum; for their scholarship and intellec-
tual engagement, in addition to those thanked above or below, my deepest
thanks to Linda Williams, Patricia White, Patricia Zimmerman, Jackie Stacey,
Michele Aaron, Monica B. Pearl, George Chauncey, Ron Gregg, Pat Aufderheide,
and Michael Renov. Special thanks go to Lisbeth Haas for the sustenance of
West Cliff walks, her historian’s eye on these pages, and her companionship in
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