Chapter 2 was first published in the Village Voice of March 24, 1992, under the
headline “A Queer Sensation.” It was reprinted as the lead article in a special section
of Sight and Sound 2.5 (1992), 30 34, with the headline “The New Queer Cinema.”
This version contains the complete original text, not published in either.
Chapter 3 originally appeared as “Collision, Catastrophe, Celebration: The Rela-
tionship between Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals and Their Publics,” glq: A Journal
of Lesbian and Gay Studies 5.1 (1999), 79 84.
Chapter 4 originally appeared as “What’s a Good Gay Film?,” out 60 (November
1998), 58.
Chapter 5 originally appeared as “King of Queer,” SF Weekly, April 1, 1992.
Chapter 6 originally appeared as “Making Love,” Village Voice, March 24, 1992.
Chapter 7 originally appeared as “Goings and Comings: Go Fish,” Sight and Sound
4.7 (1994), 14–16.
Chapter 8 originally appeared as “She’s Gotta Film It,” San Francisco Bay Guardian,
July 23, 1997.
Chapter 9 originally appeared as “Violence to Glam Rock,” Sight and Sound 6.12
(1996), 5.
Chapter 10 was originally published as “The i.k.u. Exxxperience: The Shu Lea
Cheang Phenomenon,” Cinevue, Asian Cine Vision Film Festival, July 2000.
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