lthough it is impossible to acknowledge every single person who
has lavished on me the motivation and sense of purpose required
to write this book, thanks are due to those who assisted in en-
abling its completion.
First I wish to thank James Clifford, Teresa de Lauretis, and Kirsten
Silva Gruesz for their critical feedback and mentorship that profoundly
shaped the thinking that went into this project in its initial incarnation
as a dissertation. While a graduate student in History of Consciousness at
the University of California, Santa Cruz, I also benefited from the invalu-
able guidance of José David Saldívar, Angela Y. Davis, Lourdes Martínez-
Echazábal, Susan Gillman, Hayden White, Chris Connery, and Patricia
Many scholars have graciously given their time and support, which
made the book possible. For their generosity and timely interventions,
I am particularly thankful to Sonia Saldívar-Hull, Jorge Mariscal, John
Carlos Rowe, José Esteban Muñoz, Judith Halberstam, Alfred Arteaga,
David Lloyd, Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Genaro Padilla, Norma E. Cantú,
Rafael Pérez-Torres, Francisco Balderrama, Ricardo L. Ortíz, Curtis
Márez, Alicia Arrizón, Marta López-Garza, Tomás Ybarra-Frausto,
Marilyn Elkins, Carlos Muñoz, Jr., Lionel Maldonado, Norma Alarcón,
Chon Noriega, and Vicki Ruíz. In addition, Pete Sigal, Catrióna Rueda
Esquibel, Luz Calvo, Ernesto Chávez, Jerry Miller, José Alamillo, Ellie D.
Hernández, Talia Bettcher, Michael Hames-García, Ernesto J. Martínez,
Lilia Fernández, John Ramírez, David Hernández, Catherine Ramírez,
Karen Tongson, Ramón García, and Wendy White have given the gift of
collegiality fused with intellectual insight, critical feedback, laughter, and
breathtaking wit. Dionne Espinoza is my confidant, coconspirator, and
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