In the many years since I began this project I have accumulated m
debts.The first and biggest is to EmiliaViotti da Costa, who agreed to
pervise the dissertation that led to this book at a moment when it see
possible that I would be prevented from continuing with it. Having d
so, she provided the kind of engaged, provocative, and critical rea
that is a model of supportive scholarship. Alongside Emilia, Gil Jos
and Nancy Cott provided consistent support and advice. Thanks als
Gad Heuman for introducing me to Caribbean history and encoura
me to pursue it. Gad’s presence, along with that of Sheena Boa and D
Trotman, made work in the Public Record Office more enjoyable. I
appreciated and greatly benefited from the encouragement, at diffe
stages of this project, of Catherine Hall, Mary Turner, Nigel Bolland,
Laura Edwards.
I am grateful for the financial support for this study provided by
University of Newcastle, The Queen’s College, Oxford, and Yale Uni
sity, especially Yale’s Program in Agrarian Studies, its Council on In
national and Area Studies, and its Smith-Richardson Program. Par
the work included here were presented at conferences and seminar
Yale University, the Society for Caribbean Studies, Houston Univers
Black HistoryWorkshop, the Berkshire Conference onWomen’s Hist
the Association of Caribbean Historians, Warwick University, the I
tute of Historical Research, University of London and the Institut
Commonwealth Studies, Universityof London. I am grateful for the f
back received from all those who participated, in particular to Mel
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