primary sources
Manuscript Sources Jamaica
national library of jamaica (nlj), kingston
‘‘An Interior View of a Jamaica House of Correction.’’ Published for the Cen
Emancipation Society by C. Tilt. Fleet Street, London. P/354.
‘‘A Treadmill Scene in Jamaica.’’ P/983.
Beldam, Joseph. Papers. Ms. 321.
Grey, Earl. Papers. Letters from Sir Charles E. Grey. Ms. 2108. (Originals in
University of Durham Library.)
Harmer, Stephen. Letters. Ms. 765.
Hart, Richard. Collection. Letters from Earl Grey to Sir Charles Grey. Ms. 18
Kidd’s New Plan of the City of Kingston, Jamaica, 1854. Map 727.41 edc. 1854
McGeachy, Edward. ‘‘A Map of the County of St. Andrew, According to the
of This Island for the Subdivision of Parishes, Constructed by the Order
the Honble Joseph Gordon Custos, the Rector and Churchwardens, in M
1846.’’ Map 727.43 fa. 1846.
Pechon, John Bonett. ‘‘Plan of the City of Kingston, in the Island of Jamaica
1807. Map 727.41 edc. 1807.
Pieterz, J. E. ‘‘Scrapbook, Compiled by J. E. Pieterz. Miscellaneous Newspap
Clippings Dated from 1826–1944.’’ Ms. 227.
Pitcarne, John. ‘‘A Plan of the Town of St. Jago de la Vega in the Island of Ja
maica.’’ 1786. Map 727.35 edc. 1786.
‘‘Plan de la Ville de Kingston Suivant le projet donne par le Colonel Christia
Lilly.’’ 1764. Map 727.41 edc. 1764.
Samuel, Rev. Peter. Journal. Ms. 283.
Sligo Papers, 1837–38. Letters. Ms. 275 a–g.
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