Appendix 11: Jamaican
proverbs: a gender
Beckwith, Martha.
Jamaica Proverbs,
New York, 1925; rpt. 1970.
Cundall, Frank and Izett Anderson,
Jamaica Proverbs and Sayings,
don, 1910; revised 1927; rpt. 1972.
Female characteristics: (psychological and
Cunning better than strong.
De saby woman have eye but no ear.
Market house a woman court-house.
Cutacoo full, woman laugh.
When pocket full, and bankra full, woman laugh.
Woman and wood, and woman and water, and woman and money never
quarrel. (B)
When guinea-hen cry him say, 'woman no fe play'.
Woman tongue, 'was-was' and tamarind tree, the three worse things.
Woman mout and fowl a one.
Perfect woman and white John Crow scarce.
Drizzle drizzle favour contentious woman.
Woman deceitful like star-apple leaf.
Handsome face woman not de bestest kind of woman.
Beautiful woman, beautiful trouble.
Obeah man daughter always pretty. (B)
Pretty face and pretty clothes no character. (B)
Woman no want to dance she say her frock short.
When man have trouble, woman take it make laugh.
Dog-flea tell him wife say, 'If man see me, lef dinner fe me; if woman see
me, make me coffin.'
Snake say if him no hold up him head, female take him tie wood. (B)
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