Notes for the Reader
Names and Pseudonyms
Most names in the book are real names. Where individuals have requested
that their real names not be used, pseudonyms have been created and are
marked with an asterisk.
Sources and Citations
Recorded and transcribed interviews are cited as ‘‘(Interview, [month]
[day], [year]).’’ Quotes from transcripts of recorded interviews are ver-
batim, except for stylistic cleanup. The interviewee of course speaks and is
quoted in the first person.
Quotes from field notes are cited as ‘‘(Field notes, [month] [day], [year]).’’
Field notes include notes on many individual and group interviews that
were not recorded. They are thus written in the third person (‘‘he told me
x,’’ ‘‘she said y’’) and are not verbatim, though they are as close as possible as
I could get.
Published interviews and all other published materials are cited in the
usual American Anthropologist format as ‘‘([author] [year]: [page]).’’
Quotes from films are verbatim.
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