Appendi 1
List of Personal Interviews, April 1994–April 1998, and July 2006
orGANIzAtIoN / offICe NAme AND tItle At tIme of INtervIew
Public Officials
Mayor of Detroit Coleman Young (former)
Detroit City Council Erma Henderson, president (former)
Maryann Mahaffey, president (former)
Gil Hill, president pro tem
Rev. Nicholas Hood Sr., member (former)
Mel Ravitz, member
Rev. John Peoples, member (former)
Clyde Cleveland, member
Jack Kelly, member (former)
Office of the Mayor (Young) Pamela Johnson, executive aide (former)
Office of the Mayor (Archer) Lisa Webb Sharpe, executive aide
Angela Brown-Wilson, executive aide
Detroit Community and Economic Henry Hagood, director (former)
Development Department (Young)
Detroit Housing Department (Young) Thomas Lewis, executive director (former)
Leonard Karle, superintendent of
operations (former)
Detroit Housing Department (Archer) Betty Turner, executive director (former)
Detroit Housing Department (Kilpatrick) Dan Jones,
Michigan State Housing Development Darryl Sills, housing specialist
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Robert Prescott, director (telephone
Development, Regional Office interview)
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