Peru is divided into twenty-four departments, like American states. Until
a major administrative reform in 2006, these departments were governed
by nationally appointed prefects. Departments are subdivided into prov-
inces, which were led by subprefects until the 2006 administrative change.
Provinces are divided into districts, and districts house numerous commu-
nities and towns.
Much of Manuel Llamojha’s life history is situated in the Peruvian depart-
ment of Ayacucho. Its capital city, located in the province of Huamanga, is
also named Ayacucho. For purposes of clarity, I refer to the capital as “the city
of Ayacucho” throughout the text. Llamojha was born in the community of
Concepción. Until 1954, Concepción belonged to the district of Vischongo in
Cangallo province. In 1954, Concepción and the communities surrounding it
were reorganized as a district, also named Concepción. In 1984, the province
of Cangallo was divided in two, when the province of Vilcashuamán was
established. The community and district of Concepción now belong to the
province of Vilcashuamán.
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