As part of our co-authorship, Manuel Llamojha Mitma and I agreed that he
would compose this book’s dedication, and I would write the acknowledg-
ments. My most important thanks, then, go to don Manuel. His incredible
talents as a leader, historian, and storyteller form this book’s foundation, and
I am grateful that he so generously shared his memories with me. I continue
to be amazed by his intellectual energy, his accomplishments as an activist,
and his astonishing determination. It has been an enormous privilege to work
with him.
María Llamojha Puklla took an active part in this book from its earliest
moments, showing much enthusiasm, generosity, and kindness. I thank her
for arranging interviews, for answering countless questions, and for her care-
ful reading of the book’s first draft. María’s love for her father—and her com-
mitment to honoring his life’s work—is deeply moving.
Alicia Carrasco Gutiérrez played a crucial role in this project, conduct-
ing nearly two dozen interviews with questions I emailed her from Canada.
Alicia’s enthusiastic work enabled this project to move forward with the speed
both don Manuel and I desired.
Walter, Hilda, and Delia Llamojha Puklla shared loving memories about
their father as well as their reflections and concerns about the book. Although
I met her only once, doña Esther Honorata Puklla warmly welcomed me
into her family’s life and readily offered her thoughts about her husband’s
activism. Don Manuel’s brothers Emilio, Víctor, and Alejandro also agreed
to be interviewed for the project. I thank them all for opening their lives and
homes to Alicia and me. I am also grateful to the many current and former
members of the Peruvian Peasant Confederation who shared their memories
of don Manuel and his work.
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