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relation to indigenous peoples in Mallon, “Introduction: Decolonizing Knowledge,
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5. It is impossible to quantify Peru’s contemporary indigenous population. The last
time the Peruvian census classified people by race was 1940, and today, many people
who are identified by others as indigenous do not self-identify that way. The reverse is
also true. Scholar David Sulmont has shown that estimates of the percentage of Peru’s
indigenous population thus vary widely, from as low as 19 percent to as high as 75 per-
cent. The best estimates seem to fall in the 35–39 percent range. See Sulmont, “Race,
Ethnicity and Politics in Three Peruvian Localities,” 47–78.
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8. One of the most famous discussions of this process is Matos Mar, Desborde Popu-
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14. Like most early twentieth-century Marxists, Gramsci believed that peasants
were incapable of generating independent political thought and thus were unable to
become “organic intellectuals.” See Forgacs, An Antonio Gramsci Reader, 302, 309.
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