1. So, tell me how you and ‘‘x’’ came to be friends . . .
2. So this means you’ve been friends for x years?
3. Have you always been so close, or have you lost touch for periods of time?
4. Can you recall a specific case of losing touch? Do you remember what made you
5. How frequently would you say you talk to ‘‘x’’? How often do you see ‘‘x’’?
6. Did you know that ‘‘x’’ was straight/gay/lesbian when you first met him/her?
7. Did you ever have a ‘‘coming-out’’ conversation with ‘‘x’’?
8. How did that conversation go? Do you remember details from that interaction?
9. Did your friend know about your sexual orientation?
10. Was either of you surprised? Was it an issue for either of you?
11. Most relationships have ups and downs. Can you tell me about some especially
good and especially di≈cult times in this relationship?
12. How important would you say your friendship with ‘‘x’’ is to you?
13. Do you consult with ‘‘x’’ when making big life decisions, for example? Can you
recall a specific example where this happened?
14. In general, how would you define a close or significant friend? Is this how you
would characterize your friendship with ‘‘x‘‘?
15. What kinds of things do you and ‘‘x‘‘ talk about? For example, do you talk about
relationships? Feelings?
16. Are there any particular common interests that you and ‘‘x’’ discuss?
17. Are there topics you avoid discussing? Which in particular? Why do you think this
is the case?
18. What kinds of activities do you do together?
19. Has your friendship with ‘‘x’’ given you experiences that you would not have had
20. Has your friendship with ‘‘x’’ given you contact with groups or information that
was not part of your everyday life? Can you give me an example of something in
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