This book is the outcome of roughly fifteen years of sustained research across
a variety of disciplinary boundaries, so I owe thanks to many people. For
reading drafts and o√ering excellent suggestions, I thank my colleagues in an-
thropology at the University of Texas, Katie Stewart, Richard Flores, Ward
Keeler, and Polly Strong; I also am grateful to Jason Mellard, Chris Labuski,
Beth Bruinsma, Amanda Morrison, Matt Archer, Jerry Lord, Scott Webel,
George Baca, Mathangi Krishnamurthy, Andria Shively, and David Isaacson
for their comments on various drafts. I have many debts, direct and indirect,
to those I have tapped for their expertise or guidance in research areas with
which I was unfamiliar—many thanks to Pete Daniel, Marvette Perez, Tom
Sugrue, Tony Kaye, Ruth Frankenburg, and Ellen Crowell. For inspiration
and direction in this project’s earliest stages, I thank Donna Haraway, Susan
Harding, Jim Cli√ord, Lorraine Kenny, and (again) Katie Stewart. I am par-
ticularly grateful to Matt Wray, who has been exceedingly generous with his
time and thoughts on material and topics that we share in common. In some
of my tightest binds, I’ve relied on his input to work through the di≈culties of
formulating such odd subjects of study. I also deeply appreciate Ken Wissoker
for his remarkable patience in letting this project come painfully slowly to
fruition. Additionally, I want to thank all the librarians who contributed
generous e√orts to this project, especially Jim Roan and Stephanie Thomas
(at the National Museum of American History), Polly Lasker (Smithsonian
Institution Central Reference and Loans), Sharon Clayton and Laurie Sauer
(Knox College), and the Interlibrary Loans people at ucsc, who never cut me
o√, and Carolyn Herbst and Bethany Berlejung. This work was made possible
by a great deal of generous support from the Social Science Research Council,
the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, and the National Museum of
American History, Smithsonian Institution. In the end, I am most grateful to
Rebecca Lyle for her enduring love and patience. Thank you all very much!
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