Thanks to all the diversity practitioners who gave me
their time, including those I interviewed as well as those I
spoke to at conferences and workshops. My aim has been
to retell the many stories you told me. This book is thus
the product of our collective labor.
My appreciation goes to the diversity research team
who worked together between 2003 and 2005 and from
whom I learned a great deal: Elaine Swan, Shona Hunter,
Sevgi Kilic, and Lewis Turner.
I am indebted to all those who participate in Black
British feminism, including Suki Ali, Avtar Brah, Yasmin
Gunaratnam, Gail Lewis, Heidi Mirza, Ann Phoenix, Nir-
mal Puwar, and Shirley Tate. As I completed this book, I
benefited greatly from queer of color networks. Thanks
especially to Paola Bacchetta, Campbell, Jin Haritaworn,
Camel Gupta, Shamira A. Meghani, Pratibha Parmar, Jas-
bir Puar, and Sara Wajid. I am also grateful to my col-
leagues in Media and Communications: the good nature
of our department makes it a special place to work.
Thanks to the team at Duke University Press, espe-
cially Ken Wissoker and Leigh Barnwell for your enthusi-
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