While it is impossible to acknowledge all of the people across five de-
cades who helped shape these essays at their times of writing, the au-
thor would like to specifically acknowledge his gratitude to Ian Burn,
Mel Ramsden, Terry Atkinson, Michael Baldwin, and Joseph Kosuth
and to the other members of Art & Language with whom he worked
in New York, as well as John Coplans, Max Kozloff, and Lawrence Al-
loway at Artforum; John Maynard, Ian Wedde, and Gregory Burke in
New Zealand; Mary Kelly, Alexander Alberro, and Blake Stimson; Luis
Camnitzer, Jane Farver, and Rachel Weiss in connection with the Global
Conceptualism exhibition; and Barbara Fisher, Boris Groys, Sarah Wil-
son, and Anton Vidokle in connection with the genesis of chapter 5.
Most of all, he would like to thank this book’s editor, for the idea, his
work on it, especially the introduction, and for the title.
Both author and editor would like to thank those who have proven
essential in the book’s coming to be. Joseph Kosuth, Mel Ramsden,
Michael Baldwin, Avril Burn, Mary Kelly, and Ray Barrie provided per-
mission to reproduce images. Mary Kelly gave permission to reproduce
“A Conversation about Conceptual Art, Subjectivity and the Post- Partum
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