I read many books and consulted with a number of people on questions of
selection and translation, as well as on issues covered in my introduction and
notes. Additionally, many people aided me in the arduous task of locating
living poets and/or the executors of those no longer alive. In Cuba I want to
acknowledge the extraordinary help of Arturo Arango, Silvia Gil, Norberto
Codina, Laura Ruiz Montes, Alfredo Zaldivar, Ana Cecilia Ruiz Lim, Zaida
Capote, Josefina de Hernández, Caridad Tamayo, and Maruja Santos. These
friends, some of them dating to my years of living in Cuba, have invariably
gone out of their way to aid me in ways too numerous to mention. Dunia
Valdés Garnelo at the Latin American Rights Agency in Havana headed by
Yamila Cohen was also a diligent and patient resource.
Working with Cuban poets, communicating back and forth by e-mail, isn’t
easy, even in 2015. Although the island’s writers and artists often have better
access to the Internet than Cubans overall, overloaded circuits can delay or
erase responses, and it’s not unusual for a severe tropical storm to knock a
server out for a week or longer. Despite this, the poets living in their country
of origin, as well as librarians, critics, and good friends, went out of their way
to respond to my queries in a timely fashion. On more than one occasion
this meant traveling to another city to be in touch. Outside the country, the
response was equally generous. Of the fifty-six poets included here, and
the heirs of those no longer alive, the vast majority were appreciative of my
project and generous in granting permission. I am more grateful than I can
say for this collective effort.
In the United States, V. B. Price, Rini Price, Robert Schweitzer, Susan
Sherman, Kate Hedeen, Paul Lauter, and Louise Popkin offered important
input and advice. I thank you all. At Duke University Press, my always
wise and wonderful editor, Gisela Fosado, and her able assistant, Lydia Rose
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