Note: page numbers in italics refer to illustrations; those followed by “n” indicate
Abou- Rihan, Fadi, 182
abz of Love, An (Hegeler and Hege-
ler), 72–73
“adjustment,” 57–58
affect: “backward feelings,” 203–4;
fake orgasm and sexual feeling,
202–6; feeling historical and feeling
normal, 67–68, 67n, 70–71; Wil-
liams’s “structure of feeling,” 43
alcoholism treatment, 118
Alder, Ken, 170n
All Is Vanity (Gilbert), 36
alterity, internal, 198
American Psychiatric Association, 112n
anal orgasm vs. phallic orgasm, 9n
anamorphosis, 36n
Anderson, Amanda, 185
Anderson, Benedict, 65–66
Angell, Callie, 158, 158n, 159
animal sexual behavior films, 169
Ann Summers, 142–43
anorgasmia, coital: in Mitchell’s Short-
bus, 93–104; sexual incompatibility
of the heterosexual couple and,
192–94. See also fake orgasm and
politics of sex; visual capture of
anus. See “Is the Rectum a Grave?”
Apt, Carol, 85n
Ariès, Philippe, 209
Armstrong, Nancy, 31n
Association for the Advancement of
Behavioral Therapy, 122
attraction, cinema as, 152–53
authenticity: fake orgasm and, 176;
Kern on modern sex and, 81–83;
selfhood, coimplication of sexuality
and authenticity in, 83; Warhol’s
Blow Job and, 160
aversion therapy, 107–11, 128n. See also
behavioral therapy and orgasmic re-
aversive conditioning, 114–15
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