map 1. U.S. military bases in South Korea xix
map 2. U.S. military bases in Japan and Okinawa xx
map 3-1. U.S. military bases in Germany, 1990 xxi
map 3-2. U.S. Military bases in Germany, 1996 xxi
figure intro.1. Aerial view of Camp Page, South Korea 28
figure intro.2. Baumholder military base and the
surrounding community 29
figure 1.1. Busy street in camptown, north of Seoul (1965) 59
figure 1.2. Two couples in camptown, north of Seoul (1965) 59
figure 1.3. A black mp and two women, north of Seoul (1965) 60
figure 1.4. Two black gis and a woman, north of Seoul (1965) 60
figure 1.5. A couple outside a gi club in P’aju (1964) 61
figure 2.1. Remembering the U.S. occupation in Japan 96
figure 2.2. Japanese women and American sailors
at the U.S. base in Yokosuka 99
figure 2.3. ‘‘Babysan’’: American sailors’ image
of Japanese women 99
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