his volume has been long in the making and depended on the
tance of many friends and colleagues. We found critical inspirat
project in the work of Ammiel Alcalay, Edward Said, and El
hat; while none of these scholars was able to contribute to the vo
their early interest and support for the initiative was critical in its r
tion. Portions of this volume were originally presented as papers in a
that we organized for the American Anthropological Association Me
in November 2001. Thanks to Nadia Abu El-Haj and Susan Slyom
who offered insightful critiques in their capacity as discussants and
shape the volume to come. Joel Beinin,Yael Ben-Zvi, Robert Blecher,
Colla, Andrew Janiak, Zachary Lockman, and Shira Robinson pr
generous consultation and constructive commentary during the co
the volume’s production. Particular thanks are due to the contrib
whose pioneering work on issues of popular culture in Palestine and
made this volume possible; we thank them for their incredibly har
in bringing this text to publication. Elizabeth Angel did extensive
rial work on the manuscripts and helped all of us to clarify and stren
our arguments. At Duke Press, Ken Wissoker’s enthusiasm for the p
intellectual support, and critical advice was this volume’s backbone.
ney Berger’s enormous editorial care and heavy lifting was invaluable
volume went into production. Kate Lothman skillfully moved the
script into its final stages. Thanks also to our partners and families fo
patience, encouragement, and support. And to our colleagues and f
at Middle East Report; this volume grows out of our collective strug
justice in Palestine and Israel.
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