Research for this book was conducted at the Historical Archives of the National Po-
lice (ahpn), the Archivo General de Centroamérica (agca), the Centro de Investiga-
ciones Regionales de Mesoamérica (cirma), the Hemeroteca Nacional (hn), the Na-
tional Security Archive’s Guatemala Documentation Project (nsa/cgp), the archives of
the Tipografía Nacional (tn), and the U.S. National Archives at College Park (nacp).
I also obtained digitized documents from the Declassified Documents Reference Sys-
tem (ddrs), the Digital National Security Archive (dnsa), and the Central Intelligence
Agency foia Reading Room (cia/f). Periodicals cited in the notes are listed below. Most
can be found in the Hemeroteca Nacional, in cirma’s press clippings archive, or in the
agca’s own hemeroteca. Interviews with workers at the Project for the Recovery of the
National Police Historical Archives (prahpn) were conducted confidentially, except in
the cases of a handful of leaders who had already identified themselves to the national or
international press. I assigned an internal code number to each interview with a prahpn
worker, and gave each worker a pseudonym in the text. Interviews with external figures
were nonconfidential. All interviews were conducted in Guatemala City.
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