his work addresses the diffuse nature of violence that
makes it inextricable from other experiences. I have at-
tempted to approach such pervasiveness through its ev-
eryday experience in Argentine life and its presence in the
tango. I dwell, in order to avoid the sensationalization of
violence, on its everyday particulars and its emergence in
the routine practice of an art form rather than in major
works. And I put emphasis on the continued experience
and expression of violence in the aftermaths of terror, both
in an aesthetic arena and in the lives of those who have not
been protagonists of an episode or an era.
When violence explodes in an interaction with those we
think we "know," or within our perceptions of beauty, it ap-
pears to be a contradiction. The experience of
this contradiction escapes efforts to explain or
can be evoked, enacted, and communi-
cated by the juxtaposition of heterogeneous frag-
ments within a text with its own contradictions.
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