List of Tables
1 Estimated Voter Turnout in Referenda Sponsored by the Prohibition
Movement to Achieve State Prohibition during the 1880s and the
Progressive Era 15
2 Tactics of the Anti-Liquor Movement 66
3 Goals of the Anti-Liquor Movement 92
4 General Liquor Laws Enacted in the South during the Postbellum Period 114
5 Major State Liquor Laws Enacted in the North during the Postbellum
Period 116
6 Partisan Control of Government in States and Territories Adopting
Prohibition Laws, 1851–1855 128
7 Contours of State Party System in the South: Gubernatorial Vote,
1848–1856 130
8 Partisan and Nonpartisan Support for Prohibition, 1869–1896 135
9 Partisan Control of State Government in the States Holding Prohibition
Referenda, 1880–1890 138
10 Electoral Competitiveness and Prohibition Party Strength in States
Holding Dry Referenda, 1880–1890 139
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