1 In one of the many versions of the Greek myth, early-in-life Tiresias sur-
prises Athena while she is taking a bath. In punishment for having seen his
daughter naked, Zeus blinds young Tiresias but comforts him with the gift
of seercraft.
2 I borrow the term ‘‘tempography’’ from Eviatar Zerubavel (1979).
3 I wish to thank Ian Roxborough for making me aware of this important
point about my own work.
two. urban relegation
1 All these entail, to paraphrase Peck and Tickell (2002: 384), the ‘‘active
destruction and discreditation’’ of the import substitution industrialization
model of economic growth and its related Keynesian welfarist-populist in-
2 Shantytowns are the main form of informal settlement in the city of Buenos
Aires, while ‘‘squatter settlements’’ predominate in the Conurbano Bonae-
rense. On the di√erence between these two urban informal forms, see Cra-
vino et al. 2008.
3 For diverse descriptions of living conditions in shantytowns, see Alarcón
2003; Auyero 2000; Auyero and Swistun 2009; and Epele 2010.
4 Given the lack of reliable o≈cial data, considerable polemics revolve around
existing figures (La Nación, February 3, 2009; Página12, March 21, 2009).
5 ‘‘Class Divide Hardens for Argentina’s Growing Poor,’’ Christian Science
Monitor, January 7, 2008.
6 This name is a pseudonym.
7 A decade ago, authors such as Kees Koonings (2001) and Roberto Briceño-
León (1999) argued that a new kind of violence was emerging in Latin
America. This violence was ‘‘increasingly available to a variety of social actors
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