Many people helped me through the various stages of this study. The
staff of the former Archivo del Fuero Agrario (AFA) helped in collect-
ing the data; Elena Calle organized a team of Lima university stu-
dents who called themselves "EI Equipo Palto" and read and dis-
cussed the documents with me under stimulating, seminar-like condi-
tions. Prolonged conversations with Humberto ("Tito") Rodriguez
Pastor, erstwhile director of the AFA, deeply influenced this study.
Tito became a lifelong friend and his entire family, especially his wife,
Adriana, graciously has allowed me to disrupt their lives whenever I
arrive in Lima. The Communi dad Atahualpa - Enrique Mayer, Mar-
tin and Maria Scurrah, Mike Twomey, David Gow, Susan Ramirez,
Richard Smith, and Helaine Silverman - contributed profoundly to
my education in 10 Peruano. Peruvians with whom I held conversa-
tions, long and short, serious and light, on buses; in bars; in fishing
villages; in private homes; in plantation houses; in government, coop-
erative, and commercial offices; in fields and on beaches, sometimes
in great privacy and at others encircled by observers and commenta-
tors, provided me with innumerable insights into their angle of vision
on Peru. Often they were served up over plates of ceviche, or cuy,
bowls of parihuela, or glasses of pisco puro, in the Lima galp6n, on
the peaks of the Andes, and in the deserts of lea and Sechura. The ka-
leidoscope of ideas I took from those conversations helped to sharpen
my understanding of Peruvian cultural history.
Several social scientists in Lima helped to advance this study. I
especially treasure my conversations with Pablo Macera, whose re-
markable insights and tireless exploration of ideas were infectious.
Heraclio Bonilla introduced me to families in several parts of the
central highlands of Peru I might otherwise not have had the privilege
to meet. Julio Cotler drew my attention to the energetic group of
social scientists forming in the early
at the AFA. I was priv-
ileged to gain some knowledge early in the project from the late Jorge
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