tHe association foR tHe advancement
of cReative musicians
Internationally renowned for unparalleled contributions to modern music,
the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AAcm) has been
an inspirational leader within the cultural community since 1965. A nonprofit
organization chartered by the State of Illinois, the AAcm is a collective of
musicians and composers dedicated to nurturing, performing, and recording
serious, original music. The AAcm may best be known for its leading- edge
public concerts featuring some of the most accomplished, versatile and
innovative musicians performing original, creative music. The organization
takes particular pride in developing new generations of talent through the
free music training program conducted by members for city youth, the AAcm
School of Music. Another equally important aspect of the AAcm’s mission
is the high moral standard members seek to provide in their capacities as
performers, artists, teachers, and role models.
tamaR baRzel
The ethnomusicologist Tamar Barzel is an assistant professor of music at
Wellesley College. She is currently completing a book manuscript, Downtown
and Disorderly: Radical Jewish Culture and Its Discontents on Manhattan’s
Downtown Music Scene.
joHn bRackett
John Brackett is a lecturer in music at the University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill. His book, John Zorn: Tradition and Transgression, was published
in 2008.
douGlas eWaRt
Douglas Ewart has served as chairman of the AAcm and as an instructor in
the AAcm School of Music. He performs original music and is known for his
work as a lecturer, teacher, and workshop director throughout the United
States, Europe, and Japan.
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