A project of over a decade's duration incurs large debts. I should first
thank the universities and foundations that have supported my work
over these years. The Tinker Foundation awarded me a postdoctoral
fellowship in 1976-77. The American Council of Learned Societies-
Social Science Research Council Joint Committee on Latin Ameri-
can Studies provided me a fellowship for 1985-86. The American
Philosophical Society (1980) and the Research Councils of Rutgers
University (1980, 1981-91), and Northern Illinois University (1976)
furnished funds for summer research.
Paul Kleppner showed me how to write a grant proposal and,
although the project did not turn out quite the way it was planned, I
thank him for his guidance. Peter H. Smith also gave me early
encouragement. At Rutgers, Samuel L. Baily has been unwavering
in his support and friendship. His constructive critiques have always
served to focus my writing. Friedrich Katz has given me helpful
research leads and used his name to open many doors for me. Al-
though I have not always followed his advice, it has always been
sound. His work remains a standard for all of us. Tom Slaughter and
Sam Baily read the manuscript in different stages and offered valu-
able comments. Enrique Florescano allowed me to work under his
auspices for a year.
Pamela and Marc Scheinman hosted
me in one long stay in
Mexico City and provided great company during another. David
Oshinsky put me up and showed me the sights in Austin. Cheryl
and Charles Martin did the same in EI Paso.
In Mexico, the staff of the Archivo General de la Nacion was
extraordinarily helpful. Jesus Vargas, in Ciudad Chihuahua, pro-
vided me with access to his excellent research. Norma Mireles de
Ogarrio and the staff of the Archivos Plutarco Elias Calles y Fer-
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