Acknowl edgments are both a plea sure and impossible to write. This book
has been a de cade in the making, and in the pro cess I have accumulated a
large number of debts. The people who have made this book pos si ble are too
numerous to list, and in many cases these debts cannot be adequately repaid
with mere thanks. But there are a few people who deserve special mention.
No ethnographic work is pos si ble without the interlocutors in the domains
one is researching who make it so. This proj ect has benefited from conversa-
tions with scientists, clinicians, members of the phar maceutical and clinical
research industry in India and the United States, public health prac tition-
ers, patient advocates, bureaucrats, politicians, journalists, lawyers, judges,
and activists fighting for access to essential medicines or against unethical
clinical trials. A few interlocutors deserve special thanks. Brajesh Regal and
Karen Haneke allowed me my first introduction to the work of clinical re-
search organ izations. Raghu Cidambi and Yusuf Hamied have been espe-
cially impor tant in shaping my understanding of the histories and strategies
of the Indian phar maceutical industry. Nilotpal Basu, Amitava Guha, and
Brinda Karat have taught me about the histories of involvement of the Com-
munist Parties of India in phar maceutical politics. I thank Ahn Gi Jong,
Mi- Ran Kwon, Chul Won Jung, Hee Seob Nam, and Seoc- Kyun Woo for
their conversations and insights on the politics of Gleevec in South Korea;
and Sang- Hyun Kim, Youngyung Paik, and Seo- Young Park for facilitating
introductions to key actors in Korea, and for acting as translators as I con-
ducted my interviews there. Katy Athersuch, Krista Cox, and Judit Rius have
given me impor tant insights on global civil society advocacy for access to es-
sential medicines, while Justice Prabha Sridevan has taught me much about
Indian judicial cultures. Conversations with Allyson Pollock have been in-
valuable in alerting me to debates within the public health community around
the hpv vaccine studies. Rachna Dhingra, Rashidabi, and Satinath Sarangi
ac know ledg ments
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