This discography represents a wide range of genres and practices in dj ing,
electronic music, and sound art. It is by no means exhaustive; using this
information as a starting point, one could find many more recordings by
these and other women. I asked the artists I interviewed to recommend
which of their own recordings represent their work well, and which record-
ings by other women they would like to include. Most artists responded to
both requests, so this list consists substantially of their input as well as my
own. The sound artists Carrie Bodle and Anna Friz also made recommenda-
tions. For the most part, this is experimental and underground music that
circulates outside mainstream distribution channels. I rely on the following
stores to obtain recordings like those listed here:
Aquarius Records (San Francisco, Calif.), (online only),
CdeMusic/Electronic Music Foundation (online only),
Forced Exposure (online only),
Other Music (New York City),
Twisted Village (Cambridge, Mass.),
One Hundred Recordings by Women DJs, Electronic Musicians,
and Sound Artists
(Compact disc format unless otherwise noted)
agf. Westernization Completed. Orthlorng Musork orth 18 Cd, 2003.
Alice and the Serial Numbers. Obit. AliceMusic, 2003.
Allien, Ellen. Stadtkind. BPitch Control bpC 021 Cd, 2001.
Amacher, Maryanne. Sound Characters (Making the Third Ear). Tzadik tZ
7043, 1999.
Anderson, Laurie. Big Science. Warner Brothers 3674–2, 1990 (1982).
Anderson, Ruth, and Annea Lockwood. Sinopah. Experimental Intermedia
xi 118, 1998.
The Angel. No Gravity. Supa Crucial Recordings nlr-39008–2, 2001.
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