Acknow LeO'JOJenTs
This work grew out of my dissertation at Columbia University and is
the result of a long endeavor that was sustained throughout many years
by the support of institutions, friends, and colleagues whom I wish to
I am grateful for the support I received at Columbia University and
for the Mount Holyoke faculty grants I received to continue my research
over the years. I am also thankful for the assistance I received from
the Archives and Special Collections at Mount Holyoke College, the
Beinecke Library at Yale University, and Alessia Stevani at the British
I would like to thank my dissertation director, Jean Franco, for her
guidance and insights. Flor Maria Rodriguez-Arenas pushed me to ex-
pand the original scope of my dissertation and has continued to stimu-
late my work over the years. Josefina Ludmer, who has been a friend
and mentor from the University of Buenos Aires, always provided me
with excellent advice and support. Among my friends and colleagues at
Mount Holyoke College who read different parts of my manuscript and
whose intellectual insights were a significant contribution, I would like
to thank Amy Kaplan, Elizabeth Young, and Awam Amkpa. Roberto
Marquez was particularly helpful in revising my translations; I am
grateful for his thoroughness and keen suggestions. I also thank Cynthia
Stone and Luis Fernando Restrepo for their readings. Reynolds Smith
and Paula Dragosh at Duke University Press provided valuable assis-
tance, and Bill Henry carefully worked on my prose, ensuring that my
Spanish did not hamper the manuscript's readability.
Throughout the different stages of my work, I received support from
many friends. Among them I thank Daniele Baliani, Shari Zimble, Ana
Maria Amar Sanchez, Kavita Khory, Eyda Merediz, and Raquel Medina.
I am indebted to Maria Elena Ques for lending me her 1917 edition of
L6pez's novel, which first sparked my excitement in this project. I espe-
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