Th e making of this book has been a collaboration of many who have
contributed time, money, and passion. We thank the authors for their
scholarly engagements that led to these chapters. In addition, we would
like to acknowledge the contributions of Denise Ferreira da Silva and
Bradley Bryan, who participated in a seminar with the other authors from
which this book emerged. Th at seminar, held in London, was funded by
the National Science Foundation of the United States, with contributions
from Queen Mary University of London, and the University of Hawai‘i
at Mānoa. We deeply thank these institutions for their generosity and
their trust. Courtney Berger and Ken Wissoker of Duke University Press
have earned our sincere gratitude for their support, advice, and encour-
agement. We sincerely thank the anonymous readers of this manuscript
who off ered intellectual guidance. Finally, we thank Catherine Malabou,
who met our ideas for this project with early enthusiasm and enduring
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